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A simple guide to rooms for rent in The Hague

rooms the hagueBeing a heavily populated city of Netherlands, The Hague is having a much congested housing system and most of the houses are located in a row and usually 3-4 stories high. A real estate agent can help you in finding a room in The Hague. A fair rent team is also available to maintain a suitable rent across the city.

The Hague (Den Haag) is a densely populated city of Netherlands, coming third if sorted according to population in Netherlands. The Government seat and the Dutch Royal Family’s home are also located in The Hague. Due to the presence of various embassies and a large number of international schools, many people try to settle in The Hague. The city website contains a lot of information about the city and acts like a hospitality center for expatriates. Many other websites and agencies are making easier for expats to search for accommodations or rooms in The Hague for rent.
There are usually two categories of accommodations in The Hague:

•    Flats or Apartments
•    Terrace Style Houses (in Dutch: Herenhuis)

The houses have reasonable number of rooms and other facilities and are usually 2-4 stories high. Gardens attached with houses are usually small and they are usually accompanied by street parking. Although some houses and flats have their own basements for parking or some flats offers some other parking arrangements also to the tenants. Parking space shall also be taken into consideration while searching for houses or rooms for rent in The Hague.

In this market of real estate in The Hague, the main difference between the rental prices comes from the type of room; whether furnished or unfurnished. In case of unfurnished room, the owner can remove even the light switches also. On the other side, a furnished room includes each and everything as tumble dryer, washing machine, curtains and carpets.

Currently, the home owners are not allowed to rent out individual rooms of their houses to the people or students. However, in some area of The Hague, the government is deciding to allow the home owners to do so.

If you want to get rid of searching rooms in The Hague by searching the advertisements or roaming in university campuses for notices of available rooms, you can ask a property agent to search a room or house for you. The agent will check for new advertisements and other listings and will show you a number of houses unless you are satisfied the location, facilities and the rent of one. Most agents pick you up from your current location to show the room or accommodation and drop you back. At last you will have to pay a fee to that agent. So if you want to save the agent’s fee then you’ll have to search the room in The Hague by yourself, which is a hectic task sometimes.

One of the best facilities provided in The Hague is the Fair Rent Team (Huurteam). If a tenant thinks that he is paying a rent more than the reasonable one in the city, then he can call the fair rent team to assess the rent for that room. Also if the room or the property is not properly maintained by the owner, the tenant can also call the Fair Rent Team for the matter. The team can also be called to determine a suitable rent for a room or house before finalizing the contract. The inspection result is sent to the tenant within one week. This help the rents in The Hague to remain fix at a proper level.