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Rooms Utrecht

Rooms in different parts of the world. A comparison between Utrecht and other cities in Europe.

Utrecht is the capital of the Dutch province that carries it’s name. In the past few years I visited cities around the world that weren’t to popular on the touristic map of a novice tourist but that have significant history in the background. The accommodations in Utrecht were warm and the staff was really pleasant. The rooms were in a various styles and fit the accommodations of any taste you had. From the five star hotels to the bed and breakfast and rustic type of housing. I prefer the last ones mostly for the price suited for my budget and mostly for the traditional and Dutch culture style.

There are many attractions in Utrecht like the museums, the famous dome, Oudegracht (“The old Canal”) and catholic cathedrals that bond with the museums from the centuries that past.

Every culture has it’s own specific style of greeting tourists and I just love exploring new people and different specs on life. I have to say people in Utrecht are a silent type, cold on the outside and devoted on what they plan on doing. They respect they’re selves and the people next to them and you can see this in the little details like how they greet one another on the street, how they lend a hand and expect nothing in return. It’s kind of silly to tell you this things but in a country where the main activity is sailing and one out of three people is a foreigner I expected to be greeted by a cultural mix, but I was wrong. They accept foreigners, they respect them but they ask in return to respect they’re culture and they’re way of life.

Rooms in Utrecht I thought they were all IKEA branded and with no soul in them… just walls and furniture, but yet again I was wrong. In my little journey I landed in different parts Utrecht and saw different approaches of the  modern blended with the old style. They like to keep it simple and don’t fill up the room with a lot of furniture so that will look crowded. No. They enjoy the free space and they mix the hard wood with the light new materials used in furnishing. I’ve been to Italy, France, Romania, England and I’ve come to see that the countries with great forests have the greatest furnished rooms and Utrecht is one of them they are masters in decorating the wood with they’re tradition and symbols.

One other thing that I remarked at the people from this part of Europe is that they build small houses with enough space for a decent lifestyle and they rather have a garden in back than two extra rooms in the house, by the way they’re excellent gardeners, from this corner of the world we have the wonderful black tulips and wonderful blue roses.

In my opinion Utrecht  is a perfect place to spend your vacation if you want to escape from all the every-day rush, it’s like time is standing still.